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Iphone 6s plus vs Galaxy s7 edge din punct de vedere al bateriei

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Am o mica indoiala sa zic asa si am nevoie de niste sfaturi si anume: am un iPhone 6s si ma declar nemultumit in privinta bateriei, parca prea repede se duce in nici o zi. Vreau sa trec pe android si anume sa iau un Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Nu am mai avut android pana acum, decat 3 luni un Samsung Galaxy S2. Am fost utilizator numai de produse Apple incepand de la iPhone 4 si pana acum la iPhone 6s.

Deja ma plictiseste acest sistem de operare iOS, nimic nu au mai implementat nou, acelasi design, ani la rand, iPhone-ul 6s mi se pare prea mic, iar plusul nu imi place, etc. Adevarul ca S7 Edge arata demential la design. Acum nu stiu in privinta sistemului de operare, cum se misca, sa nu agate, malware, etc. Voi ce sfaturi imi dati ?

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Android Central te contrazic.

Ei zic că Pixel e cel mai bun telefon de pe piață.

Vorbește cu ei și puneți-vă de acord.




Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk

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Fain asa. Imi pui link de Google Pixel si in poza e OnePlus :)):)) :))

Eu cred ca tu esti prieten cu Carl Pei :P


AlwaysOnDisplay, ecranul cu luminozitatea mai buna, autonomie mai mare, rezistenta la apa, incarcare Wireless, card SD, LED RGB de notificari personalizabil.

Google Pixel XL are -, -, -, -, - :))

P.S. S7 Edge are stabilizare optica la camera. Pixel XL nu are. Uitai, ma scuzati. Pixel XL face poze putin mai slabe, dar doar marginal.

Android Central is fani Nexus/Pixel


Uite ce zice GSMArena:


Google Pixel XL key test findings
  • Excellent build quality of a phone with questionable aesthetics. The glass window on the back is the biggest point of contention - we don't like how it looks (or that it sticks out slightly above the metal) and we wonder what it's for when there are still antenna lines and no wireless charging
  • The display is dimmer than Super AMOLED, but its sunlight legibility remains excellent; Color accuracy could have been better, though (sRGB mode fixes it partially, but phones in this price range are talking of HDR and wide color gamut, beyond sRGB)
  • The battery life is an improvement over the Nexus 6P, though even with a relatively big battery if failed to keep up with the market leaders
  • Android has the best digital assistant hands down and the Photos app is amazing; other phones run the same Google apps, though, even the iPhone has Photos, so it's not a unique feature
  • The Snapdragon 821 AB is fast - very fast - but not faster than older phones with Snapdragon 820
  • Audio quality shows some distortion when headphones are plugged in and the volume is average. Excellent quality with an external amp, though. The loudspeaker scored a rare Excellent mark
  • HDR+ elevates this camera above the competition - Auto gets the job done most of the time, but for the most challenging shots we switched from Auto to On, which surprisingly made a difference. The selfie camera is amazing too, again helped by the HDR+ mode
  • Superb video quality at 2160p @ 30fps and a wide selection of other resolutions and framerates. The 1080p @ 30fps mode does great as well, 60fps videos are smoother though a bit less detailed
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Ce ai femeie? Am pus articolul... Nu e vina mea că aia pun poza deasupra la titlu...


Deci Pixel rămâne!


sent from my rocket-of-a GPhone powered by stock and using Tapatalk.

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Am combinat cele 2 topice deoarece sunt identice. Incercati sa nu deschideti topice noi fara putina cautare inainte.


Acum referitor la subiect, baterie de 3600mAh la S7 Edge nu are cum sa aibe autonomie mai putina ca 2750mAh, chiar daca procesorul lui S7 Edge consuma cu putin mai mult, compenseaza ecranul AMOLED, pentru ca Apple inca foloseste ecran LCD IPS cu iluminare in fundal.

Evident, nimeni nu are cum sa iti spuna autonomia pe care o vei avea tu, pentru ca 2 persoane cu acelasi telefon 100% nu folosesc in acelasi mod de utilizare.

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