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Galaxy note 4, probleme cu bateria sau cu softul?


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Salut, am de vreo 4 luni un note 4, luat de pe olx care a functionat perfect timp de 4 luni. Telefonul a fost luat de cineva de la vodafone Romania acum 9 luni, pe abonament, dupa care eu i l-am cumpărat.

In ultima vreme, tot imi face problema ca atunci cand ramane cu 15,20,30% baterie, se închide brusc daca intru in camera si filmez. In rest daca il folosesc pt net, sms apeluri cu luminozitatea reglata spre mic functioneaza tot asa pana pe la un 8,9% dupA care moare.

Am mai pățit de cateva ori sa il folosesc si cu 40 50% baterie, intram pe google Chrome sau faceam o poza, se inchidea instant, dupa care il porneam, zicea ca are 2% baterie si se inchidea. Ii scoteam bateria o lăsăm 1 minut, il porneam iar si pleca cu 30% baterie, lol.

Nu stiu ce sa fac cu el sunt cam dezamăgit, nu an garantie, acum sa ma apuc sa i cumpăr o baterie nou... Iar tre sa investesc in el si daca nu merge?

* A mai intampinat cineva probleme asemanatoare? Ceva sfaturi? Sa l vand? An dat 17 mil... Cu cat să-l vand? Nici nu stiu ce sa fac.


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Eu zic sa te grabesti sa o inlocuiesti. Simptomele cu telefon oprit din senin, cand inca era bateria destula, au dus la umflarea bateriei in cazul S4-ului meu. Iar umflarea bateriei a dus la dezlipirea ecranului. Deci, naspa


Sent from my LG G3-D855

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am avut aceeasi problema, tot pe N4, i-am facut un reset complet, root si recalibrare sw la batterystats.


l-am gasit, poate serveste celor cu probleme asemanatoare:

1. Root your device and install Root Explorer.
2. Use your phone until the phone switches itself off (battery empty)
3. Switch on once more to make sure battery really is 0% (it will then immediately switch off once more)
4. Now, keep switched off (!), plug in charger & leave in charging until 100%
5. When battery is full, switch the phone on, unplug & check if the batter immediately drops 1 or 2 %
6. If battery immediately drops, plug in charger once more (while running phone) & let it charge completely
7. Once charging to 100% is done, don't plug off your charger, open your root explorer, at the top just click mount R/O, then it will set as mounted as R/O.
8.Ok, now open the 'Data' folder.
9.In the 'Data' folder, keep scrolling at the bottom and you will find 'System' Folder.
10.Open the 'System' folder and find 'batterystats.bin'.
11.Now you have to delete the 'batterystats.bin'. How to delete it?
12.Tap the 'batterystats.bin' and it will show the file option, select 'delete'.
13.Once it done, quick the root explorer and use the phone as usual until it switches itself off (battery empty).
14.Please don't charge your phone if the battery are not completely empty.
15.Charge your phone while running phone as usual until it shows 100% battery.
16.make sure that during discharging,don't reboot your phone or the system will create a new batterystats.bin file or if already made, it will get corrupted and you will have to start again from first step
17.Done this in 4 or 5 cycle, i mean the step 15 until step 18.
18.Now enjoy the 'long life' Samsung Battery Life!!

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