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Link-ul zilei 01


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Am pornit topicul asta pentru a pune aici link-ul care v-a marcat pe voi. Puteti pune numai link-uri deosebite, evitati sa postati link-uri aiurea, numai cate un link pe zi in fiecare post. Nu se accepta reclama de nici un fel. Dublurile vor fi sterse. Incep eu:

Prestatia din clip nu este a lui Heath, este a unui alt actor (Marshall "Soulful" Jones). Asta nu diminueaza cu nimic video-ul sau mesajul.

If you're here He's not I'm not And Im sure you'd like to know why we're not Ill tell you.... He loved her And she's not here right now because of you ....Fame is a disease We all got it We're all sharing needles with it If you're not careful

You will die before you die

I mean, look at us
Put the suicide note down

Look at all the bottles on the floor
Half of these things I cant even pronounce
Did you notice Xanax reads the same forward and backward?
I thought it was funny
Apparently my apartment on Broome st
Did not sweep enough under the rug
So now you see what you've done
Now you know how I got these scars
See the camera keeps rolling
Like a wheel
Turning your insides
You cant have a normal life
Without a production team
With a search warrant for your bad day
How many tabloids do you think it took to ruin him
How many gossip sites did it take?
How many lines of cocaine do you think we need to forget
That everyday we're getting farther and farther away from EVERYTHING
We love
Oh you thought he was acting?
Oh You think I'm not real
Oh Im real
And when you 're sick with fame like him
You need people like me to keep you laughing
So when the lady left with everything
I said Why So Serious
Just take two Ambien
Those are good for the nightmares
Take one of these
Two of those
A whole #%^#$%& of these

I kept the bathroom cabinets jokes coming

Because Painkillers can shove your mistakes off a balcony
And you can still smile about it
You think you know him
You don't
I was there
I was there to tell him that if were gonna go anywhere
We were gonna go out with a bang
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Vreau sa-ti spun ca pana ai pus tu link-ul asta, nu stiam ca Heath Ledger a murit.

M-am bucurat de rolurile lui in cateva filme, dar habar nu aveam ca a murit in 2008, mai ales ca l-am vazut in distributia filmului lui Cage, Parnasus, care a aparut in 2009...

Prestatia din clip...superba.

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Imi fac si eu o reclama fara perdea, insa jucaria mi s-a parut bestiala, sa aud rock in loc de porcariile care se baga de obicei in astfel de jucarii.


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Pentru ca n-am pai postat din 13 septembrie, imi permit sa pun doua:

A se observa BSOD-ul de la sfarsit :))


Si una pentru cei care stau deja la coada

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Cele mai bune glume cu "A man walks into a bar": "A man using Apple Maps walks into a bar...or maybe a hotel. Or possibly a church"



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Pentru România ' nu. La salariul meu de 1000 lei net, muncesc 4 luni în care nu cheltuiesc nimic (sunt familist, 2 copii)... Prețul din link e o glumă.

Sent from my GT-I9001

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Sunt telefoane pentru development. Se dau la dezvoltatori (trebuie sa dovedesti asta) si au devenit "obiecte de colectie". E aproape un N9 cu tastatura hardware. Si se scot la vanzare pe ebay. Zic aproape, pentru ca specificatiile sunt mai slabe.

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Ia uitati-va la minutul 0:48, ce retele wifi are nenea :))





Eu zic ca sunt 2 variante: sau chiar lucreaza acolo sau a incercat sa o hack-uiasca, sa-si stearga vreo amenda de aruncat chistoace pe jos :D

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