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Samsung S20 Ultra and WhatsApp video problems?

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So here's the deal on both wifi and LTE
Any video bigger then 14 seconds it looks like breaks whatsapp status.
Android 10 fully patched till the June update in a few days.
So when I upload a 30 second video of just about anything.
Whatsapp takes forever even when I am sitting on top of my wifi and I have a full 4GLTE Signal.
Then once it gets near the end of uploading it speeds up really fast like the upload is going much faster. But if I watch the video as its uploading its 100% fine.
Then "it uploads" I watch it on my end from whatsapp that 30 second clip partly works then ether at the start or the end or the whole video it is speed up and audio won't fully match or it speeds and audio matches but the video freezes at the end with audio still playing.
I need all the help as many people here can give me. Me and whatsapp been trying for 2 weeks to fix this and nothing.
Android 10 full patched.
I am useing the stock samsjng camera app like I have for years from my samsung so edge to my samsung s20 ultra.
But this is driving me crazy

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