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Ok Google nu funcționează


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I'm the proud owner of two D855 and one D858HK.

For about a week I've noticed that I cannot configure OkGoogle to work from any screen.

I tried Oreo, Nougat and Marshmallow ROMS.

I managed to make it work upon first install of a Marshmallow ROM, but after the first reboot, and Google updating its services everything stops working.

The microphone works because I can issue commands is I press the OkGoogle widget.

And here comes the problem.

I go to configure Assistant go to voice, OkGoogle and then move the toggle From nay screen, I get the voice training part and... I say OkGoogle as I did hundreds of times before. Nothing happens, as if the microphone was dead. But it's not.

So... I tried on both my D855 phones and on one V500 tablet.

It does not work!

The devices are rooted.

My Google account is in good order.

The language of the device AND the search language is set to English US.

I tried emptying the cache of the Google App...

I installed fresh ROMS.

I restored previous backups.

I'm running out of ideas and patience.

I need OkGoogle for my voice activated Taker profiles.

Any ideas?

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