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Se ingroapa singuri, nu cred ca daca o tin asa o sa mai fie cineva interesat de sistemul lor mobil. Se chinuie de ff. mult sa lanseze wm10 in conditiile in care nu are multe noutati majore si au o mega comunitate de insideri in spate. Se pare ca "programatorii" capabili au murit la microsoft.

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Nu, sunt doar plecati in concediu de Craciun :D


Daca si pe Steve Litchfield au reusit sa-l supere, sunt de comă.


Frustratingly, Christmas gets in the way of the great Windows 10 Mobile beta test


Pe scurt, a instalat ultimul build disponibil non-beta-testerilor (Insiders, cum le zice).


As a result, within 24 hours of starting the experiment, with my rudimentary set-up of Microsoft and Google accounts syncing, Twitter and Facebook installed, all updates for all core apps in place (that took an hour or so, as usual!), and with a handful of third party apps - Netflix, Metropass, Metrotube, and so on, I had to abandon the Lumia 950 XL and Windows 10 Mobile 10586.29, with:

at random moments, the Start screen would simply disappear, being replaced by a blank screen with just 'resuming...' The only fix for this was to restart the phone.
applications with blank tiles but which still do work, plus other apps which don't work and which can't be reinstalled to get them to work
asking an email mailbox (e.g. Google) to refresh can result in five minutes of hustling dots and no actual emails appearing
a Word Flow keyboard that's not as fast as it should be and makes silly mistakes
daily alarms that sound even when the they're explicitly turned off, waking the whole house!
I can live with the 'app gap', I can live with minor application features being missing - or even bugs - they'll get fixed in time via the Store. But if the above bullet points are representative of the sort of painful issues that all Lumia 950 and 950 XL owners (and reviewers) are experiencing, then this is all something of a problem. And it's all the fault of Christmas. Well, maybe 50% Christmas, 50% Microsoft, for getting so far delayed in the first place.


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Nu stiu daca e spiritul Craciunului, dar in ultima vreme au inceput sa apara articole critice la adresa W10M pe site-uri despre W10M. Adica cei mai mari sustinatori (nu fanatici, in timp am triat dintre ele, ii mai citesc doar pe cei normali) s-au saturat pana si ei de asteptat si rabdat.


Three things Microsoft needs to fix in Windows 10 Mobile immediately


It should not be acceptable to release broken products just because software updates can fix it, it should not be acceptable to rely on the fact that you can fix it later to release broken products, and it certainly is not acceptable to sell £500 broken products with the idea that they can be fixed later. Furthermore, with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has no excuse to release a single app with a feature that is not on Windows 10, to iOS and Android.


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Deci am reușit să actualizez 520-ul la 8.1 de 2 ori chiar. Inițial nu-mi apărea update-ul din setări dar am încercat cu ceva tool de pe PC. După ce l-am pornit și l-am configurat 30 de minute a mai venit un update "critic"...


Partea bună e că am și eu panou de control și nu trebuie să mai intru în setările acelea încurcate pentru a activa wifi-ul.


Am activat developer preview și cât timp caută el actualizări la windows 10 pot scrie o carte. :)) Să-i fac la Windows 10? O să se miște bine pe 512 mb RAM? "Se merită?" :))



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Ca sa fie mai simplu :D


Developers Preview ar trebui sa fie varianta finala, inainte de lansare. Adica e pentru dezvoltatori, sa nu ramana cu panatalonii in vine cand apare pe piata OS-ul si ei nu au aplicatiile pregatite.


Insider e varianta / variantele pre-developers, adica o perioada mai lunga in existenta OS-ului, in dezvoltare, cu mai multe buguri si care asteapta feedback de la membrii programului.

DP a fost intotdeauna si la toti. Insiders e ceva nou, Microsoft.

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Mulțumesc mult pentru clarificări. Am instalat aseară Windows 10 pe 520, nu este la fel de sprinten precum 8.1 dar nu este telefonul principal. Acum văd că a mai venit o actualizare, eu am dat slow insider.

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