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Groaznic. Adevarul e ca, orice proceduri de securitate s-ar adopta oriunde, daca angajatul e cu IQ subunitar, tot degeaba.

Ceva asemanator.


The very four digits that Amazon considers unimportant enough to display in the clear on the Web are precisely the same ones that Apple considers secure enough to perform identity verification.

Exact ce spuneam mai sus despre IQ:


I spent an hour and a half talking to AppleCare. One of the reasons it took me so long to get anything resolved with Apple during my initial phone call was because I couldn’t answer the security questions it had on file for me. It turned out there’s a good reason for that. Perhaps an hour or so into the call, the Apple representative on the line said “Mr. Herman, I….”
“Wait. What did you call me?”
“Mr. Herman?”
“My name is Honan.”
Apple had been looking at the wrong account all along. Because of that, I couldn’t answer my security questions.
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