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BlackBerry si Nokia


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Un citat din articolul original

"The problem wasn’t that we stopped listening to customers, said one former RIM insider. We believed we knew better what customers needed long term than they did"

Apple inca are succes cu strategia asta, sa vedem pentru cat timp. 

Cat despre Nokia si Blackberry, poate fuzioneaza la Microsoft  :)

Microsoft should buy BlackBerry. There, I said it

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 And without Nokia in the smartphone picture now, WP just no longer has any chance of making it. But of course, the delusional old guys at MSFT don’t know that and continue to live in their fantasy world where they think their products are still superior and more popular than the rest.


Corect, sa vedem ce vanzari or sa mai aiba cand o sa scrie pe telefon Microsoft 1020.

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O prezentare grafica a ascensiunii si decaderii BlackBerry - When BlackBerry Reigned (the Queen Got One!), and How It Fell

"Coming from a tiny Canadian company, it was an almost absurdly audacious proposition. In 1998, when many corporations were leery of e-mail, Research in Motion began selling the idea of sending it wirelessly through a device that ran on a single AA battery. But thanks to a tiny, yet effective, keyboard that brought the world thumb-typing and a network that ensured security, BlackBerrys became standard equipment on Wall Street and in Washington.

While BlackBerry, as the company is now known, created and dominated what became the smartphone market, competitors, notably Palm, failed. But the company’s co-chief executives missed the real threat: they initially dismissed Apple’s iPhone as little more than a toy.

After that, all their efforts were too late. On Friday, BlackBerry reported a $965 million loss, and BlackBerry’s future now appears to rest with a bargain-basement, highly conditional offer from its largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial. Whatever happens to the company, many expect that BlackBerry smartphones are now destined to become relics."

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