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  1. I apologize for adding this to the wrong section and I do thank you for your trouble of moving this The phone works and at the money I paid for it, you could not ask for more.... BUT the glass is just dumb. twice in a few months. I shall buy myself a nokia 6130.
  2. hello people I've had a P5 AllDro Dual Core for 5 months now, 5 months filled with issues with it. It broke for the first time, right after I bought it. The glass broked in my pocket(I know, I know. Stupid me) I've sent it to the service and after 2 months of waiting(they have said it will be ready in 3 weeks) they charged me almost half of the price that I paid for the phone. after 5 months it broke again, this time I have no idea how. I have noticed that when I slide my finger on it, nothing happens. I took a closer look and BAM it was cracked again. To save me the horrid pain that
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