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  1. Mai oferă suport pentru astea? Mai ales de când i-au cumpărat fitbit sau cum se numeau.

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    Fitbit is going out of its way to keep Pebble software and services running through 2017. To be clear, no one on this freshly-formed team seeks to brick Pebble watches in active service,” Pebble confirmed on its blog today.

    “The Pebble SDK, CloudPebble, Timeline APIs, firmware availability, mobile apps, developer portal, and Pebble appstore are all elements of the Pebble ecosystem that will remain in service at this time. Pebble developers are welcome to keep creating and updating apps.”

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  2. Ba da. Dar trebuie să fiu acasă, descrierile sunt de rahat, n-am reminder și e alb-negru fără poze :D

    O să mă uit ce știe aplicația de la Cinemagia.

    Recomand aplicatia asta : 8443a62869706b5e90fd2aa7b0ab0a9f.jpg



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